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Master the skills to communicate effectively and leave an impact -
whether you're completely full of nerves or
an experienced speaker. 

Next Course Dates:

April 2020

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You're More Powerful Than You Know

Your day was going just fine until your boss asked you to make a presentation at an upcoming event.


Immediately, you begin to cold sweat. Your stomach churns and you think of every possible excuse for him to ask someone else because for that someone else, speaking in public is easy. That person, whom you would gladly volunteer, has poise, charisma and influence. You, just seem to have verbal constipation. 

It's Time to Be Heard

It's time for you to stop hiding behind the excuses of "I wouldn't know what to say." and "I don't know what happens, but when I get up there, the words just can't come out." 

If I told you that public speaking was easy, I would be lying to myself. Even I get a bit nervous just before I speak to an audience or even a stranger, so I won't tell you that.


What I will tell you though, is that your voice deserves to be heard and unless you overcome your fears, you will forever be doing yourself an injustice. No one can bring to the table what you have to offer. NO ONE. Only you can bring your ideas, with your personality, and in your style. Your world needs to know that you exist. So why leave it up to someone else to do what only you can do?

Join us and let us help you open doors to the success that you deserve. 



Here's what you'll gain

  • No more stuttering or fishing for words

  • Command the stage with fluent conversation

  • Engage Q&A segments

  • Take control of a rowdy audience

  • Speak to peers, executives or children with ease

  • Discover the correct breathing techniques for a stronger voice

  • Correct diction, tone and inflection for a memorable speech

  • Learn how to be concise with lasting impact

  • Practise various presentation styles for formal and informal occasions

  • Master the art of impromptu speaking and conversation

  • Meet similar-minded individuals in varying fields

  • Work in pairs and teams to develop each other's strengths and weaknesses

By the end of this course, you'll be able to speak to any audience with confidence.

You'll be armed with the tools to leave a lasting impression and chart a successful career.

hear from our students
Paige Ballah


Ranuka Gopaul

Sales Associate

Kershawn Edwards

Football Coach, UWI Student

Keyon'Dre Jones


Adanna Joseph Pope


About the facilitator

Listen to demos here

Candice Clarke has been performing Oratory for over 27 years, having been trained by masters such as Deborah Jean Baptiste Samuel, the late Hal Greaves and radio personality Edison Carr. 

In 2012, she launched her own media production company which has recently produced audiovisual material for clients such as LINX, Baker Hughes, TTAIFA and J.E.Guides. She is also a featured voice-over artist on many local radio ads, IVR's and organisational in-house announcements. 

She loves teaching and her classes are always sprinkled with humour and a good story. 

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