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Why do you do what you do? 

You stretch, exercise, learn choreography, rehearse tirelessly, push yourself to the uttermost limits and you leave it all on the dance floor, but what is the driving force that makes you want to do it all over, again and again?

Is it the applause from the crowd? The accolades that make you feel you've done a good job? 

Or maybe you've been in the dance ministry for a while, but feel as though you're stuck in a rut - your choreography is the same every time and your passion for the ministry is weaning.

We'd like to challenge you to come up higher. 

Establishing the Dance Minister is a 10 month programme that reveals the fulness of the ministry of dance and challenges the dance minister to fulfil his call through greater intimacy with the Word and God's presence.

Each month, E.D.M.

  • engages the dancer in learning, applying and teaching proper dance technique

  • broadens the dancer's perspective on dance and ministry through research and assignments

  • promotes the expansion of ministry through evangelistic outreach and other projects

  • facilitates networking with other dance ministers across the region

Topics include:

The Arts in Ministry

Biblical Foundations of Dance

Dance in Worship, Intercession, Prophecy and Warfare


Dance in Evangelism & Missions

Garment Design & Construction

Health & Fitness

Christian Life

Leading an Effective Dance Ministry



In addition to completing written assignments and projects, students will be required to take weekly technique and/or fitness classes in their chosen genre. Classes can be taken at Diella Dance or at a school of their choice. 

For more information or to reserve your space in the 2019 E.D.M. programme, please contact us here. 

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